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Blue Night Light, Plug In, Dusk to Dawn Smart Sensor, Small LED Nightlight, Energy Saving, Soft Glow, Night Light Plug into Wall for Bathroom, Kitchen, Bedroom, Hallway, Stairway, Round, 2 Pack

Blue Night Light, Plug In, Dusk to Dawn Smart Sensor, Small LED Nightlight, Energy Saving, Soft Glow, Night Light Plug into Wall for Bathroom, Kitchen, Bedroom, Hallway, Stairway, Round, 2 Pack

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  • Blue light night light plug into wall and provides blue light in the dark, emits a blue hue that is easy on eyes. Automatic on off, and make the night safter and more attractive.
  • Light sensing, energy saving, automatically dim and brighten depending on the ambient light, soft glow, bright color light but not glare. Use for any rooms in the house or traveling to unfamiliar places.
  • Small LED night light, convenient to use, compact size with offset prongs, leave space for the other outlet socket. Stay securely in the wall, ideal for bedroom, bathroom, hallway, stairways.
  • Long life LED light, no replacement for the bulbs, no heat generating. Hidden beads, fully covered, unbreakable and safe for kids or babies. Wide voltage 110V~240V and 2-way plug in.
  • Blue colored night light with sensor that improves safety through the whole night by spreading perfect amount of light to help people see things in the dark. Energy saving night light, small and easy to use. 15 Months warranty applied.

Product Description

LED Night Light with Blue Color, by myCozyLite, Automatic Light Sensor, Plug in, Decorative, Small, Round, 2 Pack

Basic Introduction


  • Color of light: Blue
  • LED Quantity: 3 LEDs
  • Input Voltage: AC100-240V
  • Rated Power: 0.45W (0.15W x 3 LED Bulbs)
  • Sensor Type: Dusk to Dawn
  • Luminous Flux: 50 Lumen
  • Model: M1801
  • Material: ABS with mixed Flame retardant
Plug in Blue NIght Light with Auto On/Off
  • Diffused light ring emitting just right amount of light without being too bright.
  • Sensitive light sensor detecting ambient light level automatically.
  • Easy to install, plug into the wall outlet and the light will does its work perfectly.
  • Widely usage, 110-240V, compatible for not only different place in the house, but also for different countries during travel.
  • Work for mostly any room in the house.

Key Features

Applicable Person

Indoor lights are very suitable for families with elderly family members and children, avoid falling in the dark. And it is very suitable for breastfeeding mothers to breastfeed their babies at night. It is also friendly to some families with pets, so can avoid stepping on it at night.

Wide Application

Warm soft light that is ideal for sleeping area like bedroom, or use for bathroom, hallway, kitchen, stairways when needed at the middle of the night, anywhere you need a guiding light.

Dusk to Dawn Sensor

The light sensor night light is very sensitive and will only turn on automatically when it is dark enough. No need to switch manually, which is very convenient.

Trustworthy Safety Lighting

The plug-in LED night light, added fire retandant to make sure the nightlight is safe for daily use in the house. Don't have to worry about the risk that cause on fire or do harm to kids.

Eye-Protection Technology

The cute design while producing an even, non-flickering light. Nightlight is built with a light diffuser and guiding plate that prevent light flicker and harsh glare, protecting you against eye fatigue, strain and irritation.

Energy Saving

The lights use energy is not much at all, only 0.362W, annual power consumption: 1.057kWh*run for 24 hours x 365 days cost, actual cost should be even lower, will not waste money.

Compact Size

White color blends into outlets while the compact size keeps the second outlet unimpeded. It's small size and weather-resistant materials allow it to be installed nearly anywhere.

Easy to Operate

Just plug it into the power supply, the light will do its own job without keeping plug and unplug. The amber led light is fairly durable with its high efficient LED beams.

Pay Attention

  1. The plastic connector is a protective cover that protects the plug from damage during transport, please removing the plastic connector from the night light before pluging it into the power outlet.
  2. Please do not face the night light to main lights or other devices with infrared detector. Facing the device with infrared detecor will cause night light blinking.

To Customers

  • Mycozylite preferred 45 days return service, 15 months replacement service and 24 hours fast email reply. Buy it with full confidence, there is no risk at all.
  • We are committed to providing consumers with safe, convenient and fashionable lights products, if you have any questions, please let us know.
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